Garage Organization – Part Two

Garage Organization – Part Two

Garage Organization – Part Two

Earlier this month we discussed updating your garage doors and floors as effortless ways to improve the looks of your garage. Now, we would like to finish up Garage Organization Month with tips to organize the interior of your garage as a whole.

You could have a garage that is actually a pleasure to spend time in, a place where you can easily find what you need and a place where you can accomplish things. Having a flexible organization system is very important as time and seasons change, so should our storage layout.

Cluttered GarageGet Organized:

Take the time to organize your items. This involves grouping items together according to tools, lawn and garden equipment, sports and recreational equipment, automotive, season décor, etc. Trash, donate or recycle items that are broken or haven’t been used in a while. Doing this first will make the arrangement step much easier.

Get Measurements:

Measure the area you’re planning on using for storage. Knowing the exact measurements and layout of this area will allow you to know how many shelves or panels to purchase. There are many different storage system options to assist with the organization of your garage and will conceal clutter while keeping your floor clean.

Wall Systems

Slatwall Systems:

Wall slat systems are designed to hold and support an impressive amount of weight and come with a variety of interchangeable hardware.


Cabinets specifically designed for the garage are the hottest trend in makeover improvements. Cabinets for the garage have to be able to withstand temperature extremes, since garages rarely heated or air-conditioned. They need to have durable surfaces that are easily cleaned, since they are inevitably opened and closed by dirty hands and gloves. Lastly, they need to be built to handle heavy loads. The best part about garage cabinets is that the doors close to hide all the items that don’t need to be on display.

Overhead Systems:

There are many devices being invented for getting stuff up high, where you can get it when you want it, but it is out of the way of everyday activity. Some overhead systems to consider, other than traditional shelving, are rubber storage containers and nets include simple pully lifts and even a hydraulic lift system.

Decluttered GarageHang:

Whether you’re a DIYer or you are planning to have a local contractor install whichever storage system you have chosen, they need to be secured to the walls.


Now is the time for the real fun! Arrange your hooks, shelves, baskets and any other accessories you may have, then organize your stuff on the accessories.

Lastly, here’s an important tip to keeping your garage organized and clutter free: Put things where they belong after you’re finished using them! 


April is National Garage Organization Month

April is National Garage Organization Month

No more excuses. The expert entity known as “they” have designated April as the official month to tackle the clutter that is keeping you from parking your car in its rightful spot inside the garage.

If the idea of purging, cleaning and organizing after a long winter of just stowing stuff anywhere it fits is overwhelming, take a step back and relax. A fresh perspective can help transform this annual spring cleaning chore into a fun home improvement project.

RCS – Carolina wanted to share some organization tips with you, starting with doors and floors.

RCS-Carolina GarageGarage Doors Make a Grand Entrance

Investing in your home is always beneficial. An investment such as a nice garage door is proclaimed as a major home upgrade, and smiled upon by realtors advocating the value of “curb appeal.” With that being said, it is important to choose a door that fits your home’s architectural style, letting the exterior details on your home influence the look of the garage door you select.

The atmosphere inside your garage space can be greatly enhanced with the addition of light-inviting windows. The temperature inside your garage will be greatly affected by the door as well. If you plan on using the garage as a workshop or recreation space, or have a room above or adjacent to your garage, you should take into consideration the thickness of the garage door and the R-value. R-value is a measurement of the thermal efficiency of a door. The higher the R-value, the better insulated the door is. Insulation can also help dampen noise from the garage.

Inspired Interiors

The number one improvement you can do to transform the interior of your garage door is sealing the concrete floor.

Rubber floor tiles

Concrete Stains and Paints:

Masonry sealers are designed to infiltrate the pores of the concrete for a waterproofing effect. Many sealers can both stain and seal the concrete, creating a stronger surface and providing incredible visual effects.

Floor Tile Systems:

Interlocking tiling systems can be snapped together or apart for a quick and easy installation. With this system, you don’t need any tools or need to worry about fumes and glues. A single garage bay can be “repaved” in an hour or so, and if you choose to move, the tiles can easily be picked up. Most garages are level, but you’ll want to be sure that yours doesn’t have dips in it before you invest in tiles.

Epoxy Floors

Garage carpeting:

Squares of indoor/outdoor carpeting can help hide unsightly stains, or protect a nice floor from leaks. Adhesive squares are a nice option that allows you to customize your colors and quickly create a floor that is friendly underfoot and eye-catching.

Professional Coatings:

At the top of the market are the commercially applied epoxy and polyuria finishes that effectively bond with the concrete and seal the floor. These are manufactured and designed specifically for the garage market, and come in a variety of attractive colors and finishes.