Front Door Intervention

Front Door Intervention

Believe it or not, the garage has become the new front door for more than half the homes across America. Many people have even admitted to no longer carrying a key to their front door anymore.

If you’re one of those that no longer uses their front door like they used to, remember, it needs to be kept in good working order. Remember, it still plays an important role in your home’s security, energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Knowing whether or not it is time to replace your front door or if all you need is a simple repair isn’t always as easy as you think. Answer the following questions to find out.

  1. Does your door open and close properly? Does it seal? Is there a draft or is water getting inside?
  2. Do you see rust or are there a lot of dings and dents?
  3. If there is glass in the door – is it foggy, cracked or broken?
  4. Is your door cracked, split, rotten or warped?
  5. Is your door jamb rotted? Or can you see water or insect damage?

Even if you answered yes to some of the above questions, it may be more cost-effective to replace or repair the door yourself IF:

  1. You are only replacing a single door and frame.
  2. You are only replacing the door and the hinges and lock are in the same location as the current door.
  3. You don’t run into any problems while the existing, pre-hung door is removed.

Homeowners with experience in replacing an exterior door can expect to spend approximately 4 to 6 hours on this project.

If you discover damage to the sub-floor, uneven sub-floor, a sagging header, or the existing opening is smaller than the new pre-hung replacement door – it is time to call the professional installers at RCS – Carolina.

Failure to address these issues can result in all of the problems listed above, such as sticking, water or air infiltration or even security issues.

It is also best to call in a professional if:

  1. You are upgrading a double door entrance.
  2. The door is in direct contact with the weather because there is no overhang.

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