Garage Door Safety Continued

Garage Door Safety Continued

Did you know that 70% of homeowners enter and exit their house through the garage? With the amount of traffic your garage door receives, it is important to keep track of your garage door activity and ensure you are maintaining a safe and functional door.

As a continuation of “Garage Door Safety” month, we wanted to give you some suggestions as to how to keep your garage door safe and secure.

Cover Your Windows

Whether you use curtains, blinds or tinting, it is suggested to cover your windows so someone on the outside cannot see into your garage. No matter how strong your windows are, they’re still windows and they can still break.

Use Timers

Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes when you leave your home in a rush, you don’t think about closing your garage. It happens to everyone. Unfortunately, when your garage door is left open, it’s an open invitation for anyone to come in. Garage door opener manufacturers like LiftMaster® offer options such as a garage door timer. This is hooked up with your opener to automatically close your garage door after a set amount of time. You can pre-program this time, making sure your garage is never left open for too long.

Keep Your Opener with You

Take away more opportunity for a burglar to break into your garage by carrying your remote opener with you. You should never leave your garage door opener in your car, even if it is parked in the garage. There are small keychain remotes you can use to replace your big clicker at most home improvement stores or through your local garage door dealer. When purchasing a keychain remote, be sure to match both the brand and year of your current opener.

Motion Detection Lights

Upgrading your light fixtures with motion detection lights to enhance security around your garage. Motion detectors are triggered by warm objects such as animals, cars and people. Of the many safety features you can install, motion detection lights are among the best.

Secure Your Interior Door

With attached garages, there’s typically an interior door into your home. You want to be sure that door is as secure as any other external doors around your house. If somehow someone can get into your garage, you want to be sure they can’t get any further into your home. There are many options which include a deadbolt, multiple locks or even padlocks with programmed entry codes.

Contact RCS Carolinas with any questions or concerns about your garage door security measures.

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