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Garage Lighting 

A high-quality garage door adds functionality to your home as well as increased curb appeal. As the largest moving object on your home, passersby are sure to notice your garage door. In fact, how well your garage door is maintained can say a lot about you and your home. By using garage lights, you can add extra beauty and security to your home.

light up your garage

Types of Garage Lighting

There are several types of light options available for your garage. Both indoor and outdoor garage lights come in a variety of styles, brightness and functionality.

Common types of garage lighting include:

  • Outdoor down-lighting: Down-lighting is the best option when it comes to trying to highlight your garage door. This lighting is placed above the garage door and illuminates your garage and the surrounding areas. This style of outdoor lighting is one of the brightest garage lights available.
  • Outdoor wall-mounted lanterns: Wall-mounted lanterns are placed on both sides of your garage door, giving the space a beautiful, decorative glow.
  • Indoor garage ceiling lights: Don’t forget the lighting inside your garage too. Similar to outdoor lighting options, indoor garage lighting can be installed overhead in a variety of styles, depending on your needs and preferences.

types of garage lighting

With various designs and colors, there is sure to be a lighting fixture that fits your design style. In addition to the look of the lights, there is also a variety of unique functioning lights to choose from.

Specialty light options include:

  • Motion sensor lights: Never look for a light switch again when you use motion sensor lights. These lights will automatically turn on when they sense movement.
  • Dusk-to-dawn lights: Dusk-to-dawn lights require no effort on your part. These lights gradually start to brighten around dusk until they reach their peak brightness throughout the night. As the dawn begins to rise, they gradually dim until they turn off.
  • Timed lights: Timed lights give you more control over how much electricity you use. Set the timer for the duration you prefer, and your lights will automatically turn off and on according to your set schedule.
  • Solar-power lights: If your garage gets a good amount of sunlight, consider using the eco-friendly solar-power lighting option.
  • Dimmable lights: LED dimmable lights are another energy-efficient option that has risen in popularity due to their long lifespans. If you hate changing lightbulbs, this is the perfect solution for you.
  • Bug-repellent lights: Yellow compact fluorescent light (CFL) is known to provide ample lighting while attracting fewer bugs than standard lighting choices.

Take your time exploring your options and find the lighting that is right for your home.

Benefits of Garage Lighting

Adding lighting to your garage is extremely beneficial for your home. From adding extra security and safety to enhancing your home’s exterior decor, the simple addition of garage lights can add immense value to your property.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Garage lighting accentuates the detail and stunning features of your garage door. As people pass your home, they’ll be able to appreciate your beautiful garage door and your other home exterior features. Proudly show off the stunning craftsmanship of your new garage door!

Improves Home and Garage Security

Potential home intruders see your garage as an access point to your home. Criminals look for garage doors with weaknesses. One weakness can be poorly-lit garage areas because this helps conceal intruders from being spotted. So, home invaders are more likely to stray away from a garage with bright lighting. Quality lighting will act as a great deterrent to protect your property.

Provides Additional Safety

Whether you’re up early before the sun to leave for work or school or get home late after the sun goes down, driving in or out of your garage can be dangerous. Even with the headlights on your car, there are still objects you may miss, which is where the lighting in and on your garage comes in good use.

With the pros outweighing the (almost nonexistent) cons, down-lighting on your garage can be an excellent choice for many homeowners. Whether you are looking to improve your curb appeal or the safety of your home, lighting your garage door is definitely worth looking into.

how to light up a garage

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