Replacement Garage Door Panels

Replacement Garage Door Panels

“Oh no! My teenaged driver damaged a section of my garage door. Do I need to buy a new door or could I just purchase a replacement section?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners. Often, you can just replace the damaged section without having to replace the entire garage door.

As long as your garage door is still being manufactured, RCS Carolina can provide and install replacement sections for all of Clopay’s steel and wooden garage doors.

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What do we need to know to order a replacement section?

The most valuable information we would need to order a replacement would be:

  • Garage door model
  • Size of the section
  • Color
  • Which section needs replaced (top, middle or bottom)

If your serial number is readily available, this is the easiest way to determine the model of garage door you have. *Note: If your garage door was manufactured within the last ten years, the serial number will be located on the interior bottom section of the garage door.

Once your new panel arrives at the dealership, RCS Carolina will send a technician out to install the new panel. The process of installing a new panel is quite routine. Depending on which panel needs replaced, the technician will typically disable your garage door opener and springing system to unstack and restack the door sections. Once the new panel is installed, we will reconnect the hardware and opener and test the door to ensure smooth operation.

How do I know if it’s better to replace one panel or the entire door?

In some situations, replacing a single panel is not always idea. Generally, if you have an older garage door, or more than one panel is damaged, you should strongly consider purchasing a new garage door.

As for custom garage doors, there are special considerations that are involved when deciding if a single panel replacement is best or not. Also, keep in mind, long-term sun and weather exposure can alter the color of your garage door so the new panel may not always be an exact match.

Contact us at RCS Carolina with any garage door maintenance and repair questions you may have. We take pride in providing the residents of Charlotte the all possible scenarios prior to making any repairs. Your complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

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