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Commercial Overhead Garage Doors

A commercial garage door will keep business moving in and out of your company, so you need to know you can depend on it. At RCS Garage Doors, we specialize in the installation of premium-grade Clopay® commercial overhead and sectional garage doors.

Clopay garage doors are designed with a focus on quality at every step of the process. These rugged commercial doors will withstand everyday use as well as the elements to keep traffic flowing in and out of your business with ease. Some models even include the added benefit of improving energy efficiency with their advanced insulation and design.

RCS Garage Doors also offers security grilles, shutters and service doors, so you can outfit the entry points of your business with an ideal combination of security and ease of access.

Commercial garage door installation

Experience the Quality of Clopay Commercial Overhead Garage Doors

RCS Garage Doors is proud to offer a broad selection of Clopay commercial overhead garage doors, upward-acting sectional doors and other security devices. Every model is meticulously designed and rigorously tested for exceptional quality and dependability. Many of these designs include extensive customization options, so you can order the perfect commercial garage door for the specific needs of your business.

Architectural Series

Created for companies and industries that require natural light and full visibility, the Architectural series combines striking glass panes with steel or aluminum support for a sleek, modern appearance. These full-view glass and metal doors are ideal for fire stations and car dealerships, and they can even serve as indoor partitions thanks to their aesthetic appeal.

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Energy Series

The Clopay Energy series unites rugged steel and polystyrene insulation for energy-efficient performance, making this reliable commercial door valuable to warehouses, distribution centers and other enterprises looking for cost-effective management of energy expenses.

Energy Series With Intellicore®

Taking it one step further for businesses requiring maximum energy efficiency, the Energy series with Intellicore® incorporates premium-grade steel and thermally broken polyurethane insulation for the ultimate control of energy costs. These doors are ideal for buildings such as precision machine shops that require careful management of valuable, temperature-sensitive equipment.

Industrial Series

Available in flush, ribbed and embossed patterns and with or without insulation, the Industrial series offers endless customization options. You can even choose from multiple gauges of steel to design the perfect commercial garage door for your facility.

Find Commercial Garage Doors and Accessories at RCS Garage Doors

Of course, there's a lot more to a business than a loading dock. That's why RCS Garage Doors is also a supplier of Clopay commercial sectional doors and other security devices.

Counter Doors/Shutters

Customizable and designed for speed and reliability, Clopay counter doors are a convenient way to protect anything from a tool storage bay to a concession stand. RCS Garage Doors offers counter shutters with and without a fire rating to suit your specific application.

Roll-Up Sheet Doors

Owners of small distribution and storage centers love these easy-to-install steel sheet doors. Made from a layer of rugged steel with upgraded hardware available for continuous use, roll-up doors are a reliable, cost-effective solution for commercial properties.

Security Grilles

Security grilles protect areas from unwanted traffic without affecting airflow or visibility, making this security measure ideal for retail locations such as shopping malls. Both side-folding and overhead designs are available.

Service Doors

Available in aluminum or steel, Clopay's sturdy service doors provide a reliable way to manage accessibility in commercial zones. Multiple metal finishes, slat profiles and colors are available for full customization. RCS Garage Doors can also perform numerous in-house upgrades on everything from the access controls to the safety systems, ensuring that your commercial overhead door fits your exact requirements.

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Specialty Products and Accessories

Every business has unique needs and expectations, and RCS Garage Doors is here to meet them. We'll fit your commercial garage door with the dock seals, pass doors or breakaway sections you need to make your door suit your enterprise.

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RCS Garage Doors has more than 30 years of experience as a local premier servicer and installer of residential and commercial garage doors around Charlotte, NC. We've reached this point because we always put our customers first, and our dedicated team is always ready to help you find the perfect garage door for your feature requirements and budget. We also maintain an extensive showroom so that you can experience our products in person.

Many of our quality Clopay garage doors are customizable. Whether you need the visibility and appeal of the Architectural series to sell luxury vehicles or the exacting efficiency of Intellicore® to keep CNC machines running smoothly, RCS Garage Doors will guide you through selecting the ideal design and feature set. Our expert team will then outfit your door with a powerful overhead operator to ensure years of reliable service.

Please feel free to browse our site and contact us online or at 704-523-8063 for additional information on our commercial overhead doors and accessories.

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