Garage Door Opener Repair in Charlotte, NC

Whether it relates to residential or commercial applications, a broken garage door opener can cause major issues.

A broken garage door can cause your business operations to come to a grinding halt, or it could keep you and your car out in the poor weather. No matter what your issue is, the professionals at RCS Carolinas will work diligently to provide solutions. We have more than 20 years of experience with garage door repair in Charlotte NC and beyond, as we’re a licensed and trusted provider of industry-leading brands like Clopay® and LiftMaster.

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We can meet you for a consultation on-site or you can visit us at our showroom to see new products on display. Either way, we’re confident that we’re the right company to handle your garage door opener problems.

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Finding the Problem With Your Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers perform a singular task, but they still require a variety of parts to perform reliably. One malfunction in any component and your unit could experience anything from hampered performance to complete disrepair. Our experienced and talented staff will take the time to analyze your situation, test the parts and pinpoint the problem. Some are simple fixes, while others might require more extensive repairs and possibly even replacements.

A few common issues that can arise include:

  • The Track: It’s easy to forget about, but your opener’s motor hoists a heavy door up and down the tracks multiple times per day for months and years on end. Gradual wear and unlubricated parts can cause issues on the track, which can carry severe consequences if you don’t address it quickly. Continuing to use the door can bend the frame and render the system unusable. Common symptoms of this issue include loud noises and slower lifts than usual.
  • The Transmitter: When your garage door won’t open and refuses to obey the click of your remote transmitter, or it appears to open the door without your permission, people often assume the worst. That said, it might just be the batteries, which you can replace easily. However, another problem that has been known to occur with transmitters happens at an invisible level. Garage door remote transmitters can fall on the same frequency as other units, which means you might be overlapping with your neighbors. That’s right: you might be controlling one another’s doors. We can solve this issue by reprogramming the remotes.
  • The Photo Eye: Garage doors have quite a few safety features built into them, and the photo eyes are one of the most important. Located on parallel sides of the door, the sensors project invisible beams that detect obstructions in the door’s path. Once something triggers the failsafe, it will stop the opener immediately. You can risk damage to your property and bodily harm to the people in your home if this isn’t fixed quickly.
  • The Battery: Sometimes, it’s as simple as the main unit’s power supply running out of juice. We offer garage door opener battery replacement through Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

We Offer Garage Door Opener Repair, Replacement & Installation in Charlotte, NC

We care about operating our business with transparency and honesty. Our professionals will diagnose your garage door opener problems using in-depth tests, and they will proceed to explain everything so you understand exactly what you’re dealing with.

For quick repairs, we’ll be able to fix your garage door opener while visiting. If the problems run deeper than that, we will locate the appropriate part replacements and set up a time to complete the process. LiftMaster offers a variety of different products that we’ll use to complete your garage door repairs, so you will be able to comfortably meet your budget and usage requirements.

We reserve complete garage door opener replacements unless we find them absolutely necessary, but we will work with you to make it a workable situation in case it comes to that.

Trust RCS Carolinas to Assist You With Your Garage Door Opener Needs

If you require garage door opener repair in Charlotte NC, you won’t find a better option. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.


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