Garage Door Sensor Replacement

If you’ve looked closely at your garage door system, you’ve likely seen two black boxes on either side of the opening — these are your door’s photo eye sensors. Many homeowners likely ignore these components since they’re a bit out of sight, out of mind, but this small safety feature is important to ensure the protection of you and your family and keep your garage door operating smoothly and efficiently.

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How Do Photo Eye Sensors Work?

Any garage door manufactured after January 1993 had to have photo eye sensors installed as part of their operating system. The photo sensors are located above the ground, one component on either side of the garage door, that are connected by an invisible beam. If an object interrupts the beam between the two sensors, then the sensor sends a signal to the garage door opener to prevent the door from closing on that object.

Before photo eye sensors were a mandatory addition to all garage doors, someone could press the button to close the garage door and the door would close completely — regardless of someone or something being in the path of the doorway. Properly working photo eye sensors prevent personal injury and property damages.

Determining if Your Sensors Aren’t Working Property

Since the photo eyes are crucial pieces of hardware responsible for preventing injury and damage, it’s important to fix them if you suspect they’re no longer working properly. Look for the following signs that your photo eye sensors are malfunctioning:

  • The garage door, no matter how many times you press the remote button, refuses to close by either stopping midway and returning to its raised position or getting stuck halfway between open and closed.
  • The garage door can open without issue but won’t close when instructed.
  • The lights on one or both of the photo eye sensors begin blinking.

If you find that your photo eye sensors aren’t working properly, there are a few simple repairs you can try to attempt fixing the issue. First, try cleaning dust and debris from the lenses of your photo sensors with a cloth — this buildup can interfere with the functionality of the equipment. If your photo eye sensors are clean, check to make sure nothing is blocking the path of the sensors or that one of them hasn’t become misaligned. Misalignment of photo eye sensors is common in many homes with a lot of activity, and repositioning the sensors can fix any operational issues you’re having with your garage door.

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What to Do if Your Photo Eyes Are Broken

Like any piece of hardware on your garage door, over time and with long-term use, your photo eye sensors may be broken and need permanent replacement. While many sites may mention you can replace just one photo eye sensor at a time, professionals recommend having both replaced at the same time. Photo eye sensors are sold in pairs, and it can be difficult to determine which sensor is malfunctioning. By replacing both components at the same time, you also have peace of mind that you won’t have to perform another replacement in the near future.

When you need reliable garage door sensor replacement services, call a professional garage door repair company — like your friendly local repair specialists at RCS Carolina Garage Doors. A professional will have the expertise and tools quickly replace your photo eye sensors, ensuring they’re working properly and provide dependable safety for years to come.

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When you need help determining the health of your photo eye sensors, or need fast, knowledgeable and reliable repairs, then trust the professionals at RCS Carolina Garage Door. We have over 20 years of experience servicing garage doors throughout the Charlotte, North Carolina, area, and are dedicated to providing long-lasting repairs using the highest-quality parts and equipment available.

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