Commercial Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are a standard feature for businesses that work within factories, garages and large buildings. Some are for parking, others for unloading and many others for storing products and inventory. Whether you realize it or not, commercial garage doors are the forefront for your business and represent your company in many ways.

It should go without saying that keeping your garage doors in good condition is crucial to the success of your company. If you are experiencing a repair need for your commercial garage doors in Charlotte, RCS Carolinas is your local trusted, go-to provider. With over 30 years of industry experience, we know the issues that can arise and the solutions that are needed to keep your business, and its doors, in excellent shape.

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Why Is Commercial Garage Door Repair Needed?

To keep your business working and looking as perfect as can be, your garage doors need to be up to standards in appearance and functionality. Here’s a handful of reasons why you should get commercial garage door repair if yours are malfunctioning.


1. Protect the Safety of Your People

With faulty doors, some safety concerns can arise from your place of business and your employees. If a door is not opening correctly, you could experience slower business than usual, as the public and verified vendors may not be able to access your building. You might have inconvenient downtime because trucks aren’t able to reach you and you’re stuck waiting for them. There is even the possibility of lost money or lost energy, both of which are crucial in keeping your business operable.

If your doors aren’t closing, the number of safety and security issues rises tenfold. Anyone could potentially have access to walk into your building, and there’s no guarantee for keeping people or other things away. There is also the possible risk of theft if you do not have anyone keeping watch while your doors remain open.

2. Reduce Extra Costs

If you stay proactive with your repairs, you will be able to save money on unnecessary repeated repairs down the line — and avoid the possibility of an emergency repair in a crucial situation. You can also request routine maintenance and check-ups from our team to assess the risk of any minor or major repairs.

3. Enhance Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal doesn’t just apply to residential homeowners. If your garage doors — which are a prominent feature of your building’s facade — look to be in bad shape or are inoperable, potential customers may be wary of approaching or investing in your business. Also, other companies may seek to stay away from residing in your area because they’re afraid your appearance could drive away their potential audience and customer base.


Issues to Look for With Garage Door Repairs

Even with a routine maintenance check-up, your garage doors are susceptible to multiple areas of wear and tear. Some of the more common areas of malfunction and damage include:

  • Run-down motors — Grinding noises are an immediate sign of a motor that is about to break down.
  • Twisted track alignments — If the track is out of alignment, your door might not sit, close or open correctly.
  • Broken torsion springs — Broken springs can be harmful on their own and cause issues with door cables.
  • Sticking rollers — Rollers that stick can prohibit your garage doors from opening or closing.
  • Damaged panels — You might need a repair or replacement for garage door panels that have visible signs of damage.

Contact RCS Carolinas for Commercial Garage Door Repair in Charlotte

Whether you’re looking for preventative maintenance or a cause-and-effect fix-up, RCS Carolinas is your go-to for commercial garage door repairs in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. Request commercial garage door repair or find more information about our emergency services for 24-hour assistance.


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