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Common Garage Door Repairs

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Garage doors, if they’re adequately maintained, can last for years before they need significant repairs or replacements.

That said, these doors utilize a massive array of parts and mechanisms to reliably complete their cycles, which means you need to find experts who know every aspect of the industry, inside and out. RCS Carolinas carries the experience, skills, and resources you seek near you, as we’ve provided all manner of garage door repairs in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for more than two decades.

As an authorized dealer of Clopay® garage doors and LiftMaster® openers, we perform warranty service and preventative maintenance to keep your doors opening and functioning at peak performance. Whether you’re in need of an opener replacement or new springs, our experienced technicians can repair and install all makes and models of garage doors and garage door openers.

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What Kinds of Garage Repair Services Do We Offer?

We run the gamut on garage door services for Charlotte and the surrounding areas, and we’re confident we offer the solutions you seek. Popular services include but are not limited to:

  • Garage door installation: Not only can we help you select the perfect door to complement your building’s look and needs, but we will also install it down to the last detail. If you have a preexisting system, we can carefully remove it to make way for the new product.
  • Spring maintenance and replacements: Torsion springs and cables support the door and keep its cycles running smoothly, but they can experience different issues that make opening and closing difficult. These might be the most difficult parts to work on due to the tension the springs hold, which can put you at risk if you attempt to handle them without the proper skills and equipment. We can rebalance, lubricate and recoil malfunctioning or broken springs, which will keep your door functioning and your physical well-being intact.
  • Door off track repair: Garage door rollers can get off track from time to time, which impedes the function of your door and majorly inconveniences you and your family. We have the tools necessary to determine the cause and make any required repairs to your rollers or track system by tightening or aligning the track, replacing anchors and fixing dents.
  • Broken cable, roller and hinge repairs: You may think of hinges, cables, and rollers as small parts of your garage door, but even the smallest broken pieces make a big difference in a door’s functionality. With our team’s expertise, we can quickly track your garage door’s problem areas and make the necessary repairs to bring your garage back to full working order.
  • Bottom rubber replacement: The garage door’s bottom rubber is intended to protect the garage floor from the door’s impact and prevent drafts, dirt, water and insects from accessing your garage. But years of contact between the door’s bottom and the garage floor can wear down the rubber, which puts your garage at risk. We can replace worn-out rubber seals to ensure that your door provides sufficient protection.
  • Garage door opener repair: Without a functional opener, the ramifications are clear: your door will be rendered useless, which can seriously delay your business’ productivity or leave you out in the cold. From faulty photo sensors to track misalignments to dead batteries to worn-out motors, we can hunt down the issues located in your garage door opener to return it to full working order. Full-scale replacements are also possible, as we can find a new opener that gels with your current door.
  • Faulty remotes and unresponsive keypad repairs: Likewise, faulty or unresponsive remotes and keypads prevent you from using your garage door to its fullest potential. Whether the cause is a dead battery or a short in the controls, we’ll diagnose and repair your remote and keypad problems or provide a full-scale replacement if needed.

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On top of those services, we can even repair the garage doors themselves. We can attempt to pop out dents, repaint worn-down surfaces or replace broken window panes. Those are just a few of the possibilities, and you can trust our expertise and resources to find your problems and fix them accordingly.

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Diagnosing Your Issues

Garage doors might all seem universal on the outside, but critical differences set residential and commercial products apart. We have worked to understand all of these different aspects, so we’re never surprised by any project that we take on.

Whether you operate a business that implements roll-up sheet doors and fire doors or you own a house with an aesthetically pleasing door, we will carefully analyze the circumstances that you’re facing and work closely with you to create an appropriate course of action.

Our technicians will arrive at your location within your preferred timeframe and use extensive testing to pinpoint the issues that plague your system. If it’s a quick repair, our staff can complete them on-site with little difficulty. If the problem runs deeper than a five-minute fix, we will explain it to you in detail and lay out your options. You’re welcome to ask questions throughout the process — we pride ourselves on transparency and honesty.

We can order the necessary parts and come back as soon as possible to complete the repairs, which will include an evaluation of every aspect to ensure 100 percent functionality.

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Trust RCS Carolinas With Your Garage Door Repairs in Charlotte, NC

Whether our first encounter is over the phone, at our Charlotte-located showroom or in-person at your building, we will meet you with friendly and considerate professionals who want to help you. Every installed product carries a one-year warranty on workmanship in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Contact us today to discuss what garage door repair services we can offer you.



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