Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

There are always unavoidable, panic-filled moments of emergencies and malfunctions in our lives. Whether it was your computer shutting off while you were submitting a detailed report or your car door locked with the keys inside, these instances occur and they should resolve quickly.

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At RCS Carolinas, we provide you with extra peace of mind in knowing that your garage door is repairable at all hours of the day. Our installers and repair workers are employed by us, not sub-contractors — that’s an assurance that trusted eyes and hands from our company are helping you. No matter if it’s your door, cables or keyless remote, our garage door emergency service is available for you.

Same-Day Service for Residential Garage Door Emergencies

We’ve all been there — you’re rushing around preparing to leave for work and then, at the worst possible moment, something goes wrong. Sometimes it’s a dead car battery. Sometimes you have a flat tire. And other times, you can’t even get your car out of your garage because the door won’t open.

Whether you experience this in the early AM hours or realize it as you’re coming home from work, a garage door that won’t open is never ideal. For some people, it’s the only way they can get into their home if they don’t have a house key. When you need your door opened in a hurry, our garage door emergency services are available for you.

On the other hand, maybe your garage door doesn’t close. This is just as problematic — no one wants to leave their house unattended for the day with their garage door wide open. Whether or not you have anything valuable or of importance in that area, it leaves an uneasy and unsafe feeling in the pit of your stomach.

There’s another area of concern where 24-hour garage door repair may be needed, and that’s when strange or unusual noises are emanating from your garage door. You might hear a whine coming from the cables and pulleys in charge of raising and lowering your door — or maybe you heard a crunch or smashing noise when you closed your door. Neither of these can be good signs, and calling in a trusted professional to assess and repair the issue is crucial to ensure you and your family are safe at all times.

emergency garage door repair Charlotte NC


Emergency Commercial Garage Services

If you work at a warehouse or factory, you probably have at least one garage door that is vital to your business. Whether it’s to receive shipments, direct traffic or store products, a garage door’s efficiency and functionality keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly.

So, what happens when you go to close for the night and your garage door refuses to stay shut? Or when you receive notice of a shipment arriving but have no way for them to unload their haul? These are the moments when it’s necessary to call for a 24/7 after-hours emergency garage door repair service.

When you run a business, the safety of your employees should be your number-one priority, followed closely by the procurement of, and access to, your product. A broken garage door compromises both of these areas, and the repair of your door should be viewed as an urgent matter.

Contact RCS for emergency garage door repair

How to Reach Garage Door Emergency Service in Charlotte, NC

If you’re in need of 24-hour garage door repair in Charlotte or the surrounding Carolina areas, you need to be in touch with RCS Carolinas. Our after-hours number is 704-523-8063 and is available for all of your emergency repair needs.


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