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Loading Dock Leveler Installation & Repairs from RCS Garage Doors

If you own a commercial business that depends on shipping and receiving goods, your employees spend most of their time in a main docking area. These spaces are crucial to your success, as orders moving inbound and outbound eventually result in a final sale — and a loading dock leveler makes your life much easier.

Here at RCS Garage Doors, we specialize in a variety of commercial garage door and dock equipment repairs. Serving businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas, our technicians ensure you remain efficient year-round. Whether you need dock leveler installation or maintenance, we're your source for timely services that make all the difference when completing daily operations.

What Is a Loading Dock Leveler?

If you are searching for high-quality dock equipment, look no further than RCS Garage Doors for loading dock levelers. These devices are custom-fit ramps that enable you to use dollies, carts and small vehicles between a docking area and loading truck. Loading dock levelers can be installed in numerous ways to help you move items from point A to point B.

This technology may be positioned to the dock face or fastened inside a pit near a commercial garage door. Our professionals are more than happy to provide recommendations for all-new installs after visiting your location.

The Importance of Dock Leveler Maintenance

Dock levelers undergo stress each time you open, close and load objects across the assembly. Put simply, loading dock levelers are responsible for bridging the gap that exists between delivery trucks and your commercial structure. Massive loads, vibrations, temperature changes and minor impacts are enough to cause deterioration over time, so it is important to have a trained professional look over your setup throughout the year.

Main Components of Dock Leveler Systems

Dock leveler systems are made up of many different components, including: 

  • Leveler deck: Usually consisting of metal materials for durability, this area is where you may drive or walk between a commercial dock and a transport vehicle.
  • Activation system: This system helps to categorize leveler types, and RCS Garage Doors offers hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical options.
  • Shims: Shims help to support the frame of select pit-style levelers. They consist of steel and are welded in place.
  • Bumpers: Installed around the edges of a dock leveler to absorb accidental impacts, bumpers come in different dimensions to accommodate the frame of your configuration and are made of rubber.
  • Dock leveler pit: The dock leveler pit is an opening in warehouse flooring where the leveler sits. It may feature steel or concrete surfaces to withstand the weight of the leveler system.
  • Lip: The lip is a piece of metal that allows you to drive a small vehicle onto a truck bed without a sudden drop. It sits flat along the transport vehicle's flooring.

Dock Leveler Installation Services

Looking to install floor-mounted dock levelers near Charlotte, North Carolina? RCS Garage Doors can help you increase your loading dock's efficiency with options for hydraulic, mechanical and air-powered levelers.

Hydraulic Dock Leveler Installations

Hydraulic installations can be activated at the push of a button using electricity. These models handle vast increments of weight and are engineered for ease of use. No physical labor is necessary to position the leveler.

Mechanical Dock Leveler Installations

Mechanical setups utilize a series of springs that make it easy to lift and collapse the assembly by hand. One major benefit of mechanical levelers is that they do not require a power source, so their energy costs are minimal.

Air-Powered Dock Leveler Installations

A low-pressure airbag system moves the decking platform up and down. Activate your dock leveler using compressors.

Dock Leveler Repair Services

Your team relies on dock levelers for maximum uptime. The moment something seems out of the ordinary with your device, RCS Garage Doors is here for you with flexible appointment scheduling and 24/7 emergency services for your convenience. We channel more than 30 years of industry experience to assist with docking equipment by all major brands.

RCS Garage Doors takes a tailored approach to your repair, and we diagnose leveler issues with safety in mind. From changing out parts and tightening hardware to addressing motor failures, we have experience handling common dock leveler repairs such as:

  • The leveler deck sustains physical damage.
  • The leveler moves when driven over.
  • Metal plates show corrosion.
  • The dock leveler doesn't lift or lower correctly.

We Can Replace Your Dock Seals

Dock seals see constant use, so they're likely to wear out faster than other components of your dock equipment. RCS Garage Doors can replace foam dock seals that help to keep drafts, insects and pests from interfering with your inventory.

Create an air-tight seal between loading trailers with most installations taking just one day to complete.

Contact RCS Garage Doors for Dock Leveler Installation and Repair Services

If you're interested in a new dock leveler for your business near Charlotte, North Carolina, trust RCS Garage Doors. We're your source for genuine Clopay® products, and we service and install corresponding dock equipment to boost productivity in the workplace. Be sure to check out our outstanding customer reviews to see how we go above and beyond for both residential and commercial clients.

Contact us today for more information about dock leveler repairs and installation services! 

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