Garage Door Screen Systems

Your garage door is an important space in your home, offering protection and storage for valuable items. With a garage door screen system, you can turn your storage area into a new space. Get to know these screens and why they're an excellent idea for any home.

How It Works

The Lifestyle garage screen is a unique way to transform your garage space. The system installs just below your garage door track, allowing a single person to move the screen into position when needed. When the screen is not in use, it rests on your garage ceiling, just below your door tracks. It won't interrupt your door's function because it runs on its own track with a separate mechanism.

When you're ready to place the screen, open your garage door and pull the screen down its track with the two straps attached at the top. The screen meets the garage floor, and you can pop the top into place. A magnetic closure holds the system in place while you enjoy fresh air in your refreshed garage. The added sliding screen door allows people to come and go as they please.

When you're ready to close up, complete the process in reverse, and your garage is back to a safe space for your cars and other belongings.

Why Choose a Garage Door Screen?

Garages are valuable spaces in many homes, protecting cars, yard tools and other belongings. Sometimes, garages are bonus areas such as home gyms, workshops or craft areas. With a Lifestyle garage screen system, you can transform your garage into a multi-purpose space.

Screen systems turn your garage into an open space without letting in bugs. Add airflow to your home gym or workshop, or create a new space for parties and family gatherings. When the sun is out and you want to spend time with friends, garage screens create an ideal indoor-outdoor space for socializing.

With the fast and easy switch from door to screen and back again, you can keep your car safe while enjoying a new entertainment space. Screen systems are even a simple way to cool your house without letting in pests. Set up the system and open your inside garage entrance for fresh air throughout the day.

A Lifestyle garage screen is an excellent choice for any home and offers many possibilities. Use your screen system to create a:

  • Craft room
  • Entertainment area
  • Home gym
  • Smoking den
  • And more!

Why Work With RCS Garage Doors?

At RCS Garage Doors, we have over 30 years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining garage doors. As a Clopay® dealer, we offer the products and services people need for a functional and well-maintained garage door.

We know garage doors, and we know what to do to install your garage screen system. We'll set you up with a correctly installed system that will work just as well as our door installations. Once our job is complete, you can enjoy your redefined space.

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We are proud to serve the Charlotte, NC area and beyond with garage door installations, repairs and maintenance. Plus, you can count on us to install your Lifestyle garage screen. Contact us today to learn more!

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