Garage Door Off Track Repair and Replacement Services

While leaving for work this morning, you noticed your garage door wasn’t operating as smoothly as it did before. Then, you realize the door has come off its tracks. An off-track garage door can range in severity from the door just being incapable of efficiently raising and lowering to it being completely removed and dangling in place. Having a garage door off track can be a minor fix like tightening or adjusting hardware. If it’s severely damaged due to an unexpected impact, you may need an entire garage door replacement.

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When you have a garage door off track, trust the knowledgeable and responsive team at RCS Carolina Garage Doors to make safe and quick repairs. Garage doors that have come off track can be extremely hazardous, and homeowners should avoid trying to move or operate the door or make any repairs.

Causes of an Off-Track Garage Door

  • Broken Springs: The springs of your garage door system are responsible for managing the weight of the door, ensuring safe and smooth opening and closing. Springs are under intense weight and tension, and near the end of their lifespans, can break unexpectantly. If you have extension springs located on either side of your door, then one can break, causing the door to be off track on one side.
  • Poor Lubrication: If your garage door rollers aren’t regularly and properly lubricated, they can rub against the tracks, causing bends and displacement.
  • Metal Fatigue: If the horizontal part of your garage door tracks become fatigued, it could bend while trying to support the weight of the garage door.
  • Worn Hardware: As the hardware of your garage door succumbs to normal wear and tear, like broken cables or footing and jamb brackets, it can put additional, uneven pressure on the garage door and tracks. This causes damage and leads to the door being off track.
  • Vehicle Impact: When you think of a garage door off track, you likely think of accidentally hitting it while it was closed, displacing the panels from the track. Depending on the damage, the entire door may need to be replaced. If only the bottom was damaged, then only certain panels will be replaced.


What to Do When Your Garage Door Is Off Track

After discovering your garage door is off its track, it’s best to remain calm and avoid trying to immediately operate or fix the door — doing so can cause additional damage to the door or personal injury. Take these steps to safely navigate and assess the situation:

  • Determine Damage: Is your door completely out of its track because you’ve struck it, or is the door just struggling to open and close? Check that the door’s rollers are still situated in the tracks, the lifting cables are in their drums and the springs are still in good condition.
  • Close the Garage Door: If all your hardware seems in decent condition, then you can attempt closing the garage door using the remote. If the door struggles or makes noise, then unplug the garage door opener and try closing it manually.
  • Reach Out to a Professional: When your door is off track, even if the damage doesn’t appear too extensive, always call a professional to inspect the system and perform any needed repairs to avoid future inconveniences or safety hazards.

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If your garage door has accidentally been displaced and is off track, call the skilled professionals at RCS Carolina Garage Doors to assess the damage and perform repairs. We have the most comprehensive and reliable garage door repair, maintenance and installation services throughout Charlotte, North Carolina, and its surrounding areas. We also provide responsive emergency 24-hour services. Call us today at 704-523-8063 or fill out our online contact form to schedule garage door repair services.


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