Professional Garage Door Installation in North Carolina

At RCS Carolina Garage Doors, we don’t just sell great garage doors — we install them too. We know as soon as you bring home one of our beautiful Clopay® garage doors or a new door you’ve bought elsewhere, you need it up on your garage and working as soon as possible. That’s why you need to call RCS Carolina Garage Doors right away when you have a new garage door you need to be installed.

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Can I Install My Own Garage Door?

Can you install a garage door yourself? Technically, you can, but it’s not recommended. A garage door installation project is not a task one person should take on alone. Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds, and you can’t possibly carry, lift and hold one in place while installing it by yourself.

Even if you have someone who will help you install your garage door for free, you’re risking a lot of problems if you attempt it. That heavy door could easily slip and injure you, the person you’re working with or any of the surrounding property. Garage door systems also contain highly tensioned metal extension spring systems and other mechanisms that can be dangerous or deadly if handled incorrectly.

Additionally, without the experience of a trained professional, you may install your door incorrectly, requiring you to call for professional assistance anyway. And if you damage the door while attempting to install it, the damage will probably not be protected by any warranty you may have on your new garage door.


On top of this, installing a garage door can be a strenuous and stressful process for an untrained installer. Why waste all that time and energy when professional installation is fast, affordable and doesn’t require you to lift a finger?

At the end of your garage door installation, you’re left with an old door you don’t need anymore. You may have a tough time finding a place to dump your old door and hauling it off is an added headache you don’t need. And don’t forget, once it’s all done, you will probably still have to install an opener system for the new garage door! 

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Professional Garage Door Installation in Charlotte, NC

When you hire RCS Carolina Garage Doors for your garage door installation, all of those concerns go away. We have extensive experience working with garage doors, and we know what it takes to quickly, safely and efficiently complete a new installation.

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Our professional garage door installers are highly trained in the latest safety measures and installation techniques, and we can install your new garage door system within a few hours and with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Once we’re done, we’ll haul away your old door for you if there is one, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Although we specialize in installing Clopay garage doors in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas, our installers are fully trained on every major garage door brand. We sell the best and install the rest, so don’t be afraid to call us, even if you didn’t order your door from RCS Carolina Garage Doors.

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How Long Does It Take to Install a Garage Door?

Being in the middle of a garage door replacement for too long can be problematic. You don’t want your old door on for long since you’re probably replacing it for a reason. However, you don’t want to be without a door for long because it exposes your belongings to outside elements.

While each job can vary, the team at RCS Garage Doors can complete most of our installations within two to four hours. Installations for multiple doors, such as on a two-car garage, generally take a little more time. Our professional installation technicians are thoroughly trained on how to correctly install doors manufactured by almost every brand on the market, along with the latest safety measures for every installation.

Our installation teams can get your new garage door installed quickly and neatly without interrupting your daily activities. We want you to go about your routine as soon as possible with your brand new door in place. We’ll complete your installation and take away your old doors!

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door?

Getting your new garage door installed by our team at RCS Garage Doors costs anywhere from $500-$2,000 per door, the average being about $1,200. While garage door installation costs may seem high upfront, having your garage door professionally installed will save you from larger expenses down the road. 

An incorrectly installed garage door is a huge hazard, predisposed to increased wear and mechanical failures. An untrained installer may also unintentionally void the warranty on your new door. Our professional installers have extensive training that allows them to properly install every garage door without warranty issues or potential installation issues.

At RCS Garage Doors, we believe in transparent and reasonable pricing. When you contact us for an installation overview, we’ll provide a free installation cost estimate for the job, so you know exactly how much your garage door installation will cost. We keep the price affordable to help as many customers as possible.

We strive to provide you with the best, personalized solutions for finding and installing the perfect new garage door for your home or business. If you need a service you can’t quite afford, we can help. We offer easy financing options through Wells Fargo to help you pay for a new garage door, installation or repairs over 12 months. 

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Over the past 20 years in business, RCS Garage Doors has earned an excellent reputation for providing exceptional products and services to our customers throughout North and South Carolina. Our priorities as a company revolve around ensuring you are happy with your experience and new garage door.

When you choose RCS Garage Doors to complete your installation, you get professional, friendly service from a company determined to meet your needs. We’ll make sure your door is installed correctly without disrupting your schedule or leaving behind a mess.

We have countless satisfied garage door customers across Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas who have enjoyed the benefits of a new garage door installation at their Charlotte home or business. We work quickly and efficiently, and we always make sure to get the job done right the first time. 

We’d love to make arrangements to install the best new garage door for you today. Whether you purchase a top-of-the-line Clopay door from our collection or another door from elsewhere, we can get it installed quickly and professionally to ensure it lasts and performs well. For a cost estimate on garage door installation services, call us at 704-523-8063 or contact us online.

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