Garage Door Spring Repair in Charlotte, NC

Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement in Charlotte, NC

All garage doors, including the door springs, are designed to prioritize durability, but years of use can gradually wear them down and force the need for repairs.

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While no problem is enjoyable to deal with, a door’s springs can be especially problematic. Attempting adjustments or repairs can be difficult feats, and they can even pose a risk to your well-being without the help of some experts who possess the right skills and tools for the job.

That’s where RCS Garage Doors enters the picture. We offer an extensive array of services for garage door repair in Charlotte, NC. Not only do we have more than 20 years of experience, but we also carry top-rated products and materials to fix your door up for the long haul.

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Identifying Malfunctioning or Broken Spring Symptoms

Garage doors rely on a complex set of mechanisms and parts, including cables and springs, to reliably complete their cycles. Above all, a garage door’s torsion springs need extra attention, as they balance the door and prevent it from abruptly closing. Manufacturers design these systems to flow seamlessly between functions, so when issues arise, you should be able to quickly pick up on the warning signs before anything breaks or causes an accident.

If you suspect that something is wrong with your garage door or lift cables, look for some of the most common broken spring symptoms:

    • Loud noises, including grinding or squeaking, are perhaps the most common issue that springs can experience. It often signals the need for more garage door lubricant.
    • Your door should cycle up and down smoothly, so you need to watch out for movement that seems labored or inhibited. If that’s the case, your springs might be unbalanced.
    • Resistance can have multiple root issues, as loose screws or bolts around a spring’s apparatus might be to blame.

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One thing many homeowners wonder about is why garage door springs break in the first place. Even though garage doors are engineered to stand up to time as well as wear and tear, the springs get the brunt of it. Your garage door springs do pretty much all the hard work related to your door opening and closing. Many external pressures acting on your garage door springs can cause them to wear down.

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Some of the top reasons a garage door spring breaks are:

  • Improper maintenance: When it comes to garage door springs, proper maintenance is essential in that it can prolong the lifespan of the springs, and also alert you when they’re getting close to breaking. Checking the garage door springs at least once each season and lubricating them with lithium grease a few times a year are excellent ways to maintain the integrity of your springs.
  • Rust: Rust will dramatically shorten the lifespan of your garage door springs if it develops. Rust increases the amount of friction on the coils as they move back and forth, and the resulting corrosion on the springs will weaken the spring coils. To extend the life expectancy of your torsion springs and keep them lubricated, spray them down with silicone-based lubricant three or four times per year.
  • Wear and tear: Most garage door springs are engineered and rated for approximately 10,000 cycles. While this may seem like a lot, daily cycles can add up faster than you think. If your garage has become your front door or your find yourself using your overhead door often, you may consider investing in torsion spring systems that are rated for 20,000 or more cycles.

At RCS Garage Doors, we strongly recommend enlisting the help of a professional for broken torsion spring replacement or repair. These tasks are not DIY projects, as they can be extremely dangerous. Our technicians have the training and tools to complete the job safely.

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The average lifespan of a garage door spring is seven to nine years, assuming the springs are rated for 10,000 cycles and you use around four cycles per day. One cycle refers to your garage door going up and coming back down to close.

If, however, you use your garage door as a front door and are continually raising and lowering your overhead door, the springs may only last about four to six years. It’s important to note that garage door springs break mostly because of usage — not because of factors like cold weather.


At RCS Garage Doors, we recommend replacing both torsion springs on your overhead door because they usually wear out at the same rate. Torsion springs are also known to break within six months of each other. By replacing both garage door torsion springs at once, you can save money and prevent more inconvenience in the near future from another broken spring.

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The reason that the decision of torsion spring replacement is often tricky is that you cannot look at your garage door springs and be able to tell when they’ll break. Every time the garage door opens and closes, the spring wire bends, causing tension on the springs, and the buildup of this repetitive motion is what causes torsion springs to break. We also recommend, if the non-broken torsion spring has been replaced within the last two years, that you hold off on replacing it.

Leave Garage Door Spring Repair to the Pros

While noticing a problem might not be difficult, accurately diagnosing it can be.

These issues might initially appear to be quick, five-minute fixes, but more often than not, they are complicated and tedious due to the tremendous amount of tension that springs hold. Unless you’re well-versed in the industry and have the tools to handle the task, you should always contact a professional garage door company for an inspection. Messing around with these mechanisms, at the least, can result in pinched fingers and possibly more severe bodily harm.

A clear break or snap in the spring cables is the easiest problem to notice, but it can be one of the most difficult to rectify. You need to recoil the new door springs properly so they maintain the right amount of tension. Again, this is a job best suited for a professional.

No matter the reason, RCS Garage Doors are experts at fixing broken garage door springs. Once we visit your location, we’ll carefully analyze the situation and move forward with an appropriate solution. As a trusted and licensed supplier of industry-leading products from Clopay® and LiftMaster, we have access to a catalog that appeals to all budgets and circumstances, including residential and commercial applications.

Trust RCS Carolinas With Your Garage Door Spring Repair in Charlotte, NC

Contact us today and our dedicated customer service representatives will discuss your situation in detail to help craft the best possible course of action. Whether we come to visit you first or you decide to visit our showroom in Charlotte, we’ll be happy to complete your garage door spring repair quickly and efficiently.


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