Garage Door Cable Repair

If you’ve had your garage door in operation for multiple years, you may begin to notice some malfunctions or slow-downs. Minor wear-and-tear issues are typical, but if the safety or functionality of your garage door becomes compromised, you may need to look into some repair work before severe damage hits.

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RCS Carolinas is a fully-equipped garage door supplier and repair shop in the Charlotte area. We can provide cables for garage door repair to make sure your door is functional, operable and safe. No matter where you live in the Carolinas, contact us to learn more about our cable repair and replacement services.

What Cables Do You Have Installed?

Part of our certified service involves assessing your garage and determining which areas need to be repaired and the best ways to do so. Part of this assessment will be determining the type of cables you currently have installed. Here is a list of cables you might have paired with your spring system:

  • Torsion spring cables — These cables loop around a spring on one end and have a crimped finish on the other.
  • Extension spring cables — Running along both sides of your garage door, these cables wrap around specific extension springs.
  • Safety cables — Implied in the name, these are cables that run through springs to ensure no damage will result if a spring should burst.

Immense importance is placed on these garage door cables. They combine their metal material with being flexible and strong. However, with the right amount of exertion and heavy usage, the possibility for your garage door cables to snap or break does exist.

Reasons Your Garage Door Cable Broke or Snapped

There are some common signs to help you know when your garage door cables are wearing down. If left untreated, these same cables can break or snap and cause severe damage, whether to your garage, your car or your family members. A small list of the most common issues includes:

  • Slow-moving or hesitating door
  • Cables dangling around pulleys and springs
  • Fraying near ends
  • Rusted metal
  • Abrupt stops when opening or closing

If you’ve experienced these issues, get in touch with our team in Charlotte. We can provide a quick maintenance assessment to ensure the cable is what’s causing the problem and offer our efficient and professional repair services.

It is possible for garage door cables to snap because of their old age. If you haven’t replaced your garage door or cables since you first moved into your house, remember that the cables are dependent upon your daily usage. Rust and fraying are two of the other most common causes for broken cables. Rust will corrode the metal casing, eventually weakening the support a cable provides. Similarly, the fraying of a cable can lead to problems down the line. Since a cable is made up of multiple strands wound together, once one withers away, the rest may soon follow.

Contact RCS Garage Doors to Repair Your Garage Door Cable

Ensuring your garage door is safe and fully functional is crucial. You should perform visual inspections often, looking for signs of weakening or fraying. You can also get routine maintenance checks done on your garage, allowing an expert opinion to certify the status of your door and its parts.

Whether you’re in Charlotte or somewhere else in the Carolinas, reach out to RCS Carolinas for any garage door repair needs. You can request a service repair or a quote immediately and our dedicated team will take care of you.


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