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Garage Door Replacements Throughout the Carolinas

Your garage door is an essential part of your home. Naturally, it has to be functional to allow you access to your home, but it’s also a crucial part of your property’s aesthetic value, curb appeal and security. So, when it stops being everything you need it to be, it may be time to consider a garage door replacement. 

For more than 30 years, RCS Garage Doors has been the choice of homeowners in North and South Carolina for all garage door installation, servicing and replacement needs. Garage doors are our specialty, and we are proud to serve your community by delivering affordable, functional and beautiful garage doors to every property in our service area.

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Do You Need a New Garage Door?

The average garage door can last for decades when properly maintained, but even the most durable solutions will eventually require repairs and replacements. It might be time to contact a garage door replacement team if you’re experiencing:

  • Multiple breakdowns: Over time, your garage door may stop working as well as it used to. If you find yourself constantly calling in a technician for garage door part replacements and repairs, it may be a better investment of your time and money to replace the whole thing.
  • Unattractive aesthetics: Your old garage door may have matched your style preferences when you moved in or installed it, but what about now? An aesthetic update is an excellent reason to replace your garage door.
  • Low curb appeal: A brand-new garage door can boost your home’s value and community-wide quality of living. This is especially helpful if you intend to sell your home in the future.
  • Little to no features: Garage door technology is constantly evolving. If it’s been a while since you updated your garage door, a replacement may give you exciting new features like smart-open technology, better insulation and enhanced safety features.

Replace My Garage Door! 

Emergency Replacements 

A garage door malfunction can happen at any time, and when you need immediate support to remove your non-functioning garage door and replace it with something secure, RCS Garage Doors is just a phone call away. Our emergency repair technicians are available around the clock to answer your call or schedule a daytime appointment that suits your busy schedule.

As your local Clopay® dealer, our showroom hosts dozens of models from the top garage door manufacturers in the country, suited for any residential or commercial need. Choose from any of these attractive and reliable models, or let us help you customize an option that meets your needs precisely.

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Charlotte, NC garage door replacement

Get the Garage Door of Your Dreams

The team at RCS Garage Doors knows our stock by heart, so we can find you the perfect solution for any garage door replacement. Whether you want a stunning new look, advanced features or a door that works effectively, we have options from the best names in garage door manufacturing.

Start planning your replacement when you connect with us today. We’ll schedule your new garage door installation service as soon as possible. You can also request an estimate on any of our displays.

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