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Is your current garage door looking tired or weathered? Maybe it seems out of sync with your home or out of place within your community. Or perhaps it’s damaged — and has been for a while — and now you’re looking to replace the door instead of fixing specific panels. If any of these scenarios sound like your current situation, RCS Carolinas is the dream team for your garage door replacement.

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We’ve been in the garage door business for over 30 years. Based in Charlotte in North Carolina, we strive to complete all garage door repair and replacement opportunities throughout the Carolinas. Our full-time staff of designers and professional sales consultants are more than prepared to identify the task at hand and give your home the garage door makeover it deserves.

How You Can Tell You Need a New Garage Door

Some garage doors need to be replaced by necessity, while others need replacing for aesthetic and style preferences. With our diverse product line of multiple models and collections of trustworthy Clopay® garage doors, RCS Carolinas has the perfect garage door replacement solution for you.

Here are some critical signifiers that will tell you if it’s time for a full replacement.

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1. Multiple Breakdowns and Repair Investments

If you’ve been spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on repeated maintenance repairs, it is worth it to replace your door entirely. Why continue fixing something that consistently breaks down when you can install a fully operational fixture? It’s also worth it to invest in a door that keeps your vehicles and your family safe — a broken door can’t always protect you.

2. Unattractive Aesthetic

Garage doors are large. That seems like an obvious statement, but it’s often overlooked when thinking about the design of your house. Their presence takes up a significant portion of the exterior of your home. The original garage door installation that came with your house might quickly look outdated.

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With the large number of materials and finishes available for doors today, there are many options available to renovate and update the look of your door.

3. Increase Your Curb Appeal

Continuing the point of making your home look newer and more attractive, upgrading your home’s garage door will complement the other designs and houses in your community. By replacing your old garage door with a newer model, you enhance the overall beauty of your neighborhood.

Plus, if you’re interested in possibly moving and selling your house, a more modern door will increase the value of your property much more than an antiquated look.

4. New and Enhanced Features

By replacing your garage door, you can add new safety features you never had before. Multiple Clopay models provide insulation in the doors, keeping your garage from turning into a walk-in freezer during the winter months. You can replace your manual operation door with an automatic opener. There are also seals and strips that can eliminate wind interference, while glass windows can be reinforced to prevent breakage and let in light while providing privacy inside.

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At RCS Carolinas, we are ready to work with you to create the replacement door of your dreams. Our dedication to putting our clients first will ensure you receive a design and model that you want and need for your home. Contact us to learn more about your Clopay door options or request an estimate now for your redesigned look.

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