Garage Door Panel Repair Services

Can a Dented Garage Door Be Repaired?

Do you have any visible dents or bends in your garage doors? The process to fix these issues is smooth as can be with the help of RCS Carolinas. Our 20+ years of experience in the garage door industry allows us to assess, repair and — when needed — replace garage door panels efficiently. Although we’re based in Charlotte, our area of service extends through both North and South Carolina to keep your home garage functioning.

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Many instances can occur that could cause a bent garage door panel. Most often, we hear from parents who claim their just-licensed teenager rear-ended or front-ended the garage when it was closed. Another common cause of a dented garage door panel is miscellaneous toys or sports items that are thrown awry. Severe weather can also wreak havoc on your garage doors, damaging one or multiple panels.

What Happens When Your Garage Door Panel Is Bent or Dented?

If your garage door has received external damage to the panels, it can result in a variety of negative effects for your home. Some problems that may arise include:

  • Unsightly exterior appearance — No one wants to come home after a long day to see an ugly hole or dent staring them down as they pull into the garage — and none of your neighbors want to look at it, either. Without repairing the dented or bent garage door panel, your house will quickly become the home no one wants to look at.
  • Exposure to weather conditions — If the dent was created with enough force, there is the potential for weather conditions such as rain, wind or freezing temperatures to creep into your garage and put your home comfort at risk.
  • Stuck or unmoving doors — A bent garage door panel that sits at the wrong angle could prohibit your door from moving up and down. This can create more long-term problems, resulting in an entire door replacement as opposed to a single panel repair or replacement.
  • Little to no security — Depending on how extreme the damage to your door panel is, you could put your family’s safety at risk. With a significant dent, a stranger might find a way to get inside. Your privacy could also be compromised if neighbors can peek through your garage door.

Can You Replace One Panel of a Garage Door?

With sectional garage doors, it’s effortless to repair one specific panel. A perk to working with RCS Carolinas is that we have all models of Clopay® garage doors available — even if you didn’t have a Clopay installed, we can find a replacement that looks close in appearance. If the damage is too severe, or multiple panels have been affected, we will consult you about the replacement of your entire garage door, especially if your old door is aged and cannot be matched.

RCS Carolinas Will Repair Your Dented Garage Door Panels

At RCS Carolinas, we put our clients and customers first. If you request a bent door panel repair, we will give our best efforts to correct the issue — or find a replacement that is a perfect match. To help, we will ask you for specific details of your current garage door, including:

  • What is your existing garage door model?
  • What is the size of the section that needs to be repaired or replaced?
  • What color (exact or a close estimate) is the affected panel?
  • What section of your door does the panel cover — top, middle or bottom?

With these details, we can identify the repair your door panel needs to keep your home safe and looking good. Contact us today for a repair service estimate and you’ll see firsthand the care and professionalism our staff provides.


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