Alternative Garage Uses

Let’s be honest, not many of us have the luxury of having an unused or second garage. And those of us that are lucky enough to have this “problem” usually end up using it as a storage space where boxes of old knick-knacks and aged schoolwork go to collect dust, waiting for the day you stumble upon them, causing you to spend hours upon hours in nostalgia-land. But the potential of an unused or second garage is more than this. If done correctly, your extra space could be transformed into the room you’ve always wanted but never had. Here are few ideas to consider before moving your college futon and weigh set you’ve never used into your unused or extra garage.

Wine Cellar

Wine tastes best when stored properly. Wine cellars aid in this by regulating humidity, temperature, and light so after years of storage, a glass tastes the way it was intended. Your extra space can easily be turned into wine cellar through the addition of insulation and a humidifier. Or, for those with a little more ambition, you can turn it into a wine cellar/ tasting room by adding wood accents and a serving area to entertain family and friends all year-round.

Man Cave

While not the most original concept, you can still turn your unused garage into the ultimate in testosterone-fueled expression. Entertain your buddies without having to worry about annoying your wife with raucous behavior that typically accompanies a combination of beer and sports. Add a pool, air-hockey, or ping-pong table (or all 3) to turn into the game room you wish you had as a kid. Tired of the local grocery store not having your favorite microbrew? Turn your garage into your own brewery and try out brewing all the types of beer you enjoy. Build your own sports bar with a few kegs and a couple televisions. The options are endless… unless your wife says no…

Home Theater

If you already have a use for your finished basement, or live in an area where you can’t have a basement, you may want to think about transforming your garage into a home theatre. With taller ceilings than most basements, your garage has a little more flexibility in accommodating large televisions and projectors. Insert surround sound, a comfy sectional or reclining theatre chairs and you have yourself a home theatre. Kick it up a notch by adding a popcorn maker and some sound insulation and you’ll never have to pay $12 for a movie ticket again. 

Recording Studio

Who says garage bands are a thing of the past? Your unused or extra garage space has the potential to be your very own jam space. With recording and editing equipment becoming increasingly more accessible and affordable, you can build the ultimate space for music creation and expression. But maybe consider adding some sound proofing panels, before jamming too hard. Your neighbors will thank you.

Art Studio

Have an artist in the family? Are you an artist yourself? Turn your garage into a home art studio. Create a space dedicated to a craft you’ve been honing for years, or a space to try out new mediums to find the ultimate in unique artistic expression. Or turn your garage itself into a work of art. Your garage could be your ultimate blank canvas.

Your options are virtually endless. To list them all would be a monumental task. Your only limits are your budget, ambition and imagination. If you’ve always dreamed of utilizing your unused garage for something other than storage, make your dream a reality and go out and do it.


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