One Stall vs. Two Stall Garage Doors

When you have a two-car garage, double versus single garage doors is likely a topic you’ve considered multiple times. If you’re ready to upgrade your garage door or doors, but you’re not sure which option to choose, consider the benefits and disadvantages of each.

A Single Door

One garage door for a two-car garage is often called a double-width garage door. Since these doors stretch from one end of your garage to the other, they can influence the look of your home’s exterior. If this option is appealing to you, it’s helpful to weigh the pros and cons of this type.

The Benefits of One Door

A double-width door can offer many benefits, including:

  • More space: Without a supporting beam between two doors, you have more space for wider vehicles to enter your garage. Whether you drive an SUV or want to store your boat, the single door creates the space to do so. That missing center column can also make it easier to pull in and out of the space. You can also park a single vehicle in the center to create extra space on either side for working or strapping children into car seats.
  • Lower cost: While a double-width door will cost more than a standard-width one, it likely won’t equal the cost of two single doors. Aside from the door itself, you only have to pay for one set of hardware and one opener. If budget is a priority, the double-width door may be the way to go for your two-car garage.
  • More light: Two-car garages can be multi-functional spaces. If you use yours as an art room, a workshop or some other bonus space, you may want to bring natural light into the area. With a double-width garage door and a window design, you can bring natural light into the space to support your hobbies.
  • Reduced maintenance: A single door requires less maintenance than two separate ones. You only have one garage door opener to think about and a single set of tracks and rollers that need lubrication over time.
  • Greater design opportunities: Double-width doors have a large surface area that comes with more design opportunities. Whether you’re looking for textural elements from wood or modern features like windows, your door will showcase them. 

The Cons of One Door

It’s essential to be aware of any drawbacks you might encounter with a double-width door, such as:

  • Malfunctions: Garage doors work hard, and they’re all susceptible to malfunctions after experiencing wear. A notable drawback with a single door is completely losing access to your garage if the door won’t open. It’s one thing to be unable to get your cars inside the garage, but it’s a whole new problem if you can’t get them out. You’ll need quick service from a professional if malfunctions occur.
  • Heating efficiency: A single door on your garage means you have to open up the entire space every time you open your garage door. Repeatedly doing this can have an effect on your heating and cooling efficiency, and you may end up paying more on your monthly bills.
  • Aesthetic quality: While double-width doors provide more space for showcasing your design choices, the size of the door can be a distraction to other elements of your home. If you’re looking to showcase another aspect of your home’s exterior, a double-width door might compete for attention. 

one vs two car garage

Two Doors

When you have a two-car garage, you have the option of using two single-width doors instead of one double-width door. This option comes with its own set of benefits and disadvantages. Knowing what to expect can help you determine which setup is right for your needs and priorities.

The Benefits of Two Doors

The benefits of double doors include:

  • Durability: Double-width garage doors have fewer parts to service, but two garage doors theoretically have fewer open and close cycles. When you have a single door, you have to open and close it for both cars. With two doors, each door only has to open and close for one car. These reduced open-close cycles can slow down wear and lead to fewer repairs and maintenance demands. It may even increase the overall life span of your doors.
  • Practicality: In the event that one door does malfunction, you still have use of the other one. This is more practical than a double-width door because it allows you to get one car in and out of the garage. Double doors also have greater practicality because your garage can be dual-purpose. Use one side for your workshop or studio and keep that side closed even as a car pulls in and out. 
  • Heating efficiency: Having two doors means you only have to open half of your garage at any given time. This disrupts your heating and cooling systems less and may lead to lower monthly bills.
  • Aesthetic quality: You might prefer the look of two doors over one big surface, especially if your garage is on the front of your home. If there are other design elements on your home’s exterior you want to highlight, two doors are less likely to draw attention away from these aspects.

The Cons of Two Doors

Much like a double-width door, two doors come with drawbacks, such as:

  • Price: Generally, two doors will cost you more than a single double-width door. While you have to pay the individual cost of each door, you also have to purchase two sets of tracks and two garage door openers. If sticking to your budget is a top priority, one garage door versus two might be the better option.
  • Maintenance: Two doors and two sets of hardware mean the maintenance process is more intensive. It’s in your best interest to get your doors checked each year. Be aware that two doors will have extra expenses for the maintenance process.
  • Lack of flexibility: The two-door setup involves a center supporting column between the two doors. While this column allows you to open the two doors separately, it also leads to less flexibility with how you use your garage. For example, if you have a small car and a boat, you won’t have the ability to pull the boat in more toward the center of the garage. Each vehicle has 50% of the garage to park in. If you have unique vehicle storage needs, the two-door setup may not be the best arrangement. 

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