Is Your Garage Door Affecting the Curb Appeal of Your Home?

Is Your Garage Door Affecting the Curb Appeal of Your Home?


When you think of garage door repairs, your mind automatically goes to replacing the motor, straightening the tracks, or fixing a broken spring, right? But do you ever think about aesthetic repairs?

Consider that most garage doors account for about a third of what people see when they look at houses. Yes, fixing those mechanical malfunctions are important for everyday usage, but tired, worn, peeling garage doors can easily overshadow any other exterior renovations you’ve done to make your home beautiful and welcoming.

If you want to present an attractive, fresh profile to your neighborhood, consider the following garage door renovations to increase your curb appeal:

Painted Garage Door

Paint It

The most simple and budget-conscious way to renovate your garage door is to paint it. The finish on your garage door can be easily worn down over time due to weather exposure. Refinishing your garage door will make an immediate impact on your home’s aesthetic. The color should always compliment the exterior finish of your home; they don’t need to match, but they should have similar tones.

Garage Door LightingAdd Lighting

Similar to how museums highlight pieces of art, you can add lighting about your garage door to transform it into a featured area outside your home. Consider both the shape and style of the lights you choose to achieve a modern, rustic, or subtle look for your garage door.

Add Finishing Touches

Garage Door Accents

Most steel and aluminium doors, although secure and durable, are not always attractive. Wood finish, windows, or faux hardware are easy and unique additions to upgrade your garage door aesthetic.

Faux wood finish can take your garage door from plain to stunning, while also livening up the entire exterior of your home. Windows are also a relatively inexpensive addition to your current door, but will give the impression that you installed a new door. And faux hardware touches, such as hinges, door handles, or latches, to spice up the look of your garage door. Just one of these three additions will give your home a richer presence without breaking the bank.

Replace It

If you’re dealing with a garage door that’s over 20 years old, embellishments and painting might not be worth the investment. Sometimes the best option is to simply replace it and start fresh with a brand new garage door. This will allow you to achieve the improved look you want for the exterior of your home in one step.

The way your garage door looks is just as important as the way it functions. Putting in the effort to make sure it adds to your home’s charming aesthetics will pay off in curb appeal and resale value, and leave your neighbors wondering how you did it!

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