Garage Door Trends in Charlotte: Popular Garages 2024

Garage Door Trends in Charlotte: Popular Garages 2024

Garage Door Trends in Charlotte: Popular Garages 2024

Unlike your calendar, trends don’t change when the clock hits 12:01 on New Year’s Eve. As far as garage doors go, 2024 will see many trends from the past few years continue. That includes a leaning toward minimalist style, natural materials and other classic choices that will make your home beautiful for years to come.

If you’re planning to update your garage in 2024, don’t miss this article. We cover popular garage door styles, color options and materials so you can make the best decision for your home. Here are seven impactful trends for garage doors in North Carolina that you can expect in 2024.

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French Country

This home decor style has been popular for years, both for interior and exterior design. French country combines elements of natural wood, arches and windows for an elevated farmhouse style that many homeowners know and love.

In 2024, this style will continue to develop in new directions. Rather than leaning toward a farmhouse or cottage style, home exteriors will tend toward a more elevated, minimalist version of French country. This will impact garage doors and other exterior choices like paint color and material.

Examples might include less detailed woodwork, larger-scaled doors and design choices that blend garage doors into a home’s exterior rather than standing out. The overall effect should be a large-proportioned, elegant home that conveys a sense of history and grandeur.


Another trend continuing into 2024, minimalism continues to celebrate simple colors, textures and clean lines. Many minimal garage doors don’t include windows to further emphasize simplicity in design. Minimalist garage doors often appear as a single slab, without much to set the panels apart.

This works perfectly for homes that celebrate other exterior features, like the front door or porch area. Depending on the style of your home, a minimalist garage door can add a lot to your home by intentionally blending in.

Minimalist garage doors cross over into modern garage door styles when they incorporate thin, slitted glass windows as part of the design. If windows are important to you, consider opting for a minimalist design with a modern twist.



In line with the French country style, many homeowners opt for windows in their garage doors. A major part of home decor for 2024 is warm light coming inside through many large windows, creating a homey feel.

You can continue this theme through your garage doors so warm light peeps out the windows after dusk. The window shape in your garage door can vary, but the best practice is to match the style and shape with the existing windows in your home.

Alternatively, you could opt for no or few windows so the focus stays on the windows throughout the rest of your home. The most commonly used garage door is an overhead sectional, and windows can easily dress up this model.


Over the last several years, one of the design themes has been using natural materials. People want to feel connected with nature even while inside their homes — hence the large windows, natural wood finishes and abundance of house plants.

Whereas yellow- and gray-toned woods have been popular in the past, popular design is moving to mid-tones in 2024. These woods are in the middle of the color spectrum and pair well with many different paint colors and finishes.

Many exterior styles pair well with wood garage doors — from modern minimalist to farmhouse and French country. The only home design style that doesn’t work well with wood is the industrialist style, which gives more of a minimal, brutalist feel.

Lasting Finish

Although owning a home is a joy, maintaining it can be a lot of work and expense. Homeowners are opting for lasting finishes on exterior features so they can enjoy their investment long-term with as little maintenance as possible.

In 2024, another trend that will continue to develop for garage doors is an emphasis on easy-to-clean, long-lasting finishes. Whether your garage door is made of wood, steel or another material, it should stand the test of time and look like new for years.

Homeowners in the Charlotte area should look for garage doors that can handle water, snow and extreme heat during the summer. Regardless of the weather, garage doors in 2024 should withstand everything except a tornado.

Bold Colors

The color palette in 2024 for home design is changing again — but if bright colors aren’t your style, the same classic colors will continue to signal sophistication and elegance for years. Tried-and-true garage door colors include white, off-white and black.

Because of the recent trend toward warm colors, chocolate brown is having a comeback. This color is on the line between trendy and classic, making it a perfect option for updating your home. It also ties in nicely with the updated French country theme that’s becoming so popular.

Other colors we’ll see in 2024 include burgundy and navy. These hues are dark but branch out from the usual neutrals commonly used on home exteriors. If you choose a colorful route, keep in mind that your garage doors may become the focus of your home’s exterior.

Technology Integration

Over the last several years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has made managing a modern home much easier. Instant access over your smartphone allows you to adjust the thermostat, turn the lights off or open and close your garage door, all without having to get up.

With the right technology system, your garage doors can be more accessible and secure than ever before. Another garage door trend for 2024 will be continued developments in tech integration for managing this part of your home.

Many modern homeowners want to be able to check the status of their garage doors while away from home to ensure security. Safety features that prevent accidents when people are too close for comfort are also important. Your garage door tech system should seamlessly integrate with other smart technology in your home.

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