Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

When leaving for work this morning, was your garage door refusing to either open or close? While an uncooperative garage door is inconvenient for homeowners, it’s common for them to experience problems opening and closing due to the constant strain, pressure and weight they’re under.

The most typical reasons your garage door won’t open or close are related to mechanical issues or a garage door opener motor malfunction. Some of these garage door issues can be easily repaired with a few adjustments, while others are more complicated or hazardous for homeowners to replace themselves and require the assistance of a local garage door repair company.

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Common Reasons Your Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

If you’re trapped inside your garage or stuck outside of it, note whether the garage door either won’t open all the way, won’t open with the remote or if the motor is running but the door won’t rise. If your garage door won’t even open manually, you have a serious problem. To determine the cause of your garage door malfunction, it’s best to understand the possible cause of why it won’t open or close and try several safe troubleshooting methods to attempt solving the problem.

The most common causes of why a garage door won’t open include:

  • Broken Springs: Having broken torsion or extension springs is among one of the most common reasons why a garage door won’t properly open. Springs are designed to last a determined number of cycles before finally wearing and breaking. Torsion springs will last up to 20,000 cycles, while extension springs are expected to reliably function up to 10,000 cycles. Once the springs have broken, the door is too heavy to be lifted by the motor alone and must be replaced in order to restore movement.
  • Worn Cables: Like the garage door torsion or extension springs, cables are also responsible for controlling smooth, safe and reliable garage door movement. Typically, when the garage door springs break, the cables will also need to be replaced. Due to the dangerous nature of replacing garage door springs and cables, replacement efforts should be performed by a professional.
  • Dead Remote Batteries: Sometimes repairing your garage door requires the simplest solution. If you’re pressing the button on your garage door remote but the door won’t raise or lower, then a likely cause is that the batteries are dead. Garage door batteries last approximately two years before needing replacement. Homeowners can quickly and easily switch their remote batteries by removing the back panel and inserting fresh batteries. If the remote still won’t operate the door, make sure you’re within range of the opener. If the door opens with the remote when you’re within 20 feet of it, but won’t raise when you’re down the street, then you’re likely out of the opener’s range.
  • Stripped Garage Door Opener Gear: A stripped garage door opener gear is typically caused when the door is too heavy for the opener to lift and there’s too much strain. If this is the case, you’ll hear a humming or grinding noise emitting from the opener as it struggles to lift and lower the door. To solve this issue, either replace the damaged gear or consider upgrading your opener to a model that is better equipped to operate the door.
  • Lock Mode Engaged: Another simple solution for solving why your garage door won’t open or close is making sure the lock switch on the opener isn’t engaged. The lock button is likely placed on your wall-mounted garage door panel, and pressing this button for too long will activate the opener’s lock mode. Easily switch this setting off by pressing the lock button.

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