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If you’re like most American homeowners, you use your garage every day. It is an important part of your and your family’s lives. It provides a convenient entry and exit to and from your home and protects your vehicles from the elements. However, we tend to use our garage as an unorganized storage space, living by the motto “out of sight, out of mind.” More often than not, garages are cluttered and underused, failing to reach their full potential as an integral space in your home.

Investing in your home is always beneficial. An investment such as a nice garage door is proclaimed as a major home upgrade, and smiled upon by realtors advocating the value of “curb appeal.” With that being said, it is important to choose a door that fits your home’s architectural style, letting the exterior details on your home influence the look of the garage door you select.

If the idea of purging, cleaning and organizing after a long winter of just stowing stuff anywhere it fits is overwhelming, take a step back and relax. A fresh perspective can help transform this chore into a fun home improvement project. These garage storage tips will help you turn disorganized chaos into orderly function.

1. Get Organized

First, take the time to organize your items. This involves grouping items together according to tools, lawn and garden equipment, sports and recreational equipment, automotive, season décor, etc. Donate, recycle, or throw away items that are broken or haven’t been used in a while. Doing this first will make the arrangement step much easier.

2. Measure

Measure the area you’re planning on using for storage. Knowing the exact measurements and layout of this area will allow you to know how many shelves or panels to purchase. There are many different storage system options to assist with the organization of your garage and will conceal clutter while keeping your floor clean.

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3. Choose Your Organization Style

Multipurpose Bench

A utility bench with hooks and cubbies can serve as a great way to keep outdoor gear organized, while also providing a convenient place to sit to remove dirty shoes, hats, and coats.

garage door bench example

Shoe Storage

For many Americans, the garage is the main entry point of the home. But let’s say you don’t like shoes in the house. Your garage is a perfect storage space for all your family’s and guests’ dirty shoes. Rather than leaving them in a heaping pile on the floor, use a shoe organizer to instantly free up some needed floor space.

garage door shoe storage example

Overhead/Loft Storage

If you have extra headroom, loft storage and overhead storage are great ways to free up floor space. Whether it be suspended shelving or an attic-like set up, you can better utilize the space in your garage by taking advantage of the seldom-used space above your head. There are many systems for getting stuff up high, where you can get them when you want to, but they are out of the way of everyday activity. Some overhead systems to consider are traditional shelving, rubber storage containers, and nets with simple pulley systems or hydraulic lift systems. This type of storage is ideal for rarely used items, such as holiday decorations and other seasonal items.

garage loft storage

Slat Wall

You see slat walls at retail stores all the time. Wall slat systems are designed to hold and support an impressive amount of weight and come with a variety of interchangeable hardware. The versatility of the slat wall allows stores to display a variety of products at the same time. The same versatility can be applied to your garage. With the ability to add shelves and hooks on multiple levels along the wall, you can organize everything from sporting goods to bicycles to lawn equipment on the same wall, with convenient access.

garage slat wall diy

Commercial Cabinetry

If you aren’t one of the lucky few that have built-in storage in your garage, there is no need to worry. Cabinets, drawers and shelves from your local home goods store can do wonders in helping you declutter your garage without breaking the bank. Cabinets specifically designed for the garage are a hot trend in home improvements. Cabinets for the garage have to be able to withstand temperature extremes since garages are rarely heated or air-conditioned. They need to have durable surfaces that are easily cleaned since they are inevitably opened and closed by dirty hands and gloves. Lastly, they need to be built to handle heavy loads. The best part about garage cabinets is that the doors close to hide all the items that don’t need to be on display.


While pegboards may seem a little old school, their effectiveness in decluttering a garage has yet to go out of style. Similar to a slat wall, pegboard has tremendous versatility, with the ability to install hooks and shelves for nearly any tool.

garage peg board diy garage storage

Built-In Cabinetry

This is the ultimate dream in garage organization, but it comes at a price. Floor-to-ceiling wall-to-wall cabinetry is the optimal way to keep everything in your garage neat and organized. While it is the most expensive of the methods mentioned, what you receive in the end is worth it.

built in garage shelves for garage storage

4. Arrange

Once you’re done putting up your garage door storage, it’s time for the real fun. Arrange your hooks, shelves, baskets and any other accessories you may have, then organize your stuff with the accessories. Lastly, here’s an important tip for keeping your garage organized and clutter-free: put things where they belong after you’re finished using them!


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