Smart Home Garage Doors

smart home garage doors

The “Internet of Things” refers to the concept of creating a smart world by connecting just about anything with an on/off switch to the Internet. Smart home technology is a growing part of the IoT that involves connecting your appliances and other pieces of hardware in your home — giving you the ability to control them from your smartphone or another device. This includes everything from Nest thermostats to connected coffee makers and allows you to customize your home and automate many of your day-to-day tasks and experiences.

Some of the benefits of having a connected home include:

  • Convenience – Your alarm clock can wake you up and notify your coffee maker to start brewing
  • Security – Cameras, activity sensors and programmable lights and locks let you know who is coming and going from your family’s home from anywhere in the world
  • Efficiency – Smart thermostats can help you conserve energy by stabilizing power demand during the day and conserving power while you’re away

Benefits of Smart Garage Door Technology

A garage door may seem like an unlikely candidate for an Internet connection. But, as one of the primary entrances into your space, there are many benefits of a connected garage door.

  • Control your garage door from anywhere – You can open the door for friends and family and never again spend all day worrying that you might have forgotten to close the door
  • Get activity alerts – Your connected garage door can let you know if your kids got home safely after school (and if they closed the door behind them) or that your door opened when it shouldn’t have
  • Take full control of access to your home – You can control the garage door, lights and property gates
  • Schedule activity – Set specific times for the door to open or close and for the garage lights to turn on and off. For example, you can automatically close up for the night and turn off the lights in the morning to save electricity

Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers offer Wi-Fi connectivity, activity tracking and personalization opportunities, such as automatic closing. You can give multiple users control over the garage door opener, and this technology will track when the door opens and closes, who accessed the garage and what device they used. Program your overhead door to close after a predetermined period. 

Whether you set your overhead door to close after 10 minutes or six hours, you can feel relieved that your garage door will be securely closed even if you weren’t the one to close it. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that all is taken care of with minimal effort.

With camera monitoring and movement sensors, smart garage door openers obstacles and automatically stay open to let them through. This capability is vital if you have children or small pets.

Security Technology

Features like sensors, alerts and alarms ensure you know when someone accesses your garage. You can receive notifications when unauthorized users try to open the door. 

Security is a priority with the latest in smart garage technology. You can feel safer and more secure with biometric sensors that confirm anyone accessing your garage has the authority to enter. Set up your fingerprint and the fingerprints of family members or other authorized personnel to ensure that your garage grants access to those who need entry into your home.

Smartphone Garage Door Control

Carrying a separate garage door controller is often inconvenient, and lost or stolen opener remotes — or remotes left in stolen cars — pose a security risk. Smart overhead doors offer a modern alternative — the devices you already carry with you. You can download your garage door opener’s app on your mobile device and use it to control your garage door from your phone, tablet or home automation system.

LiftMaster with MyQ

LiftMaster is one option for adding garage door opening technology to your smart home. The LiftMaster device’s capabilities are controlled by the MyQ app, which allows you to access core features like activity alerts and scheduling. Along with the previously mentioned benefits of smart garage door opener technology, MyQ also integrates with an impressive variety of smart home systems, providing enhanced control options. Depending on your existing system’s devices, that could mean anything from adjusting the temperature of your garage to viewing a live video feed to voice control options.

Some of the integrations available include:

  • Connect to Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit so you can ask your  devices to check on the status of your door hands-free
  • Network your garage door with other smart home devices using IFTTT for enhanced, customized control of your garage
  • Use Nest products to control your Nest Cam and Nest Learning Thermostat from the MyQ app
  • Control your garage door from the in-dash touchscreen on your Tesla with LiftMaster

Visit the myQ Smart Home page for full compatibility details. The site also has a tool that walks you through the selection of the appropriate LiftMaster devices based on your current setup, making it simple for you to start experiencing the benefits of a smart garage.

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