Garage Door Safety

Garage Door Safety Did you know that 70% of homeowners enter and exit their house through the garage? This type of activity for garage doors is completely normal. However, these doors must receive regular maintenance to avoid breaking down and ensures a longer life span. There are a few garage safety tips to keep in mind to ensure you and your loved ones remain safe when using your garage door daily. You can complete these steps at home that take only a few minutes out of your day. Follow each step carefully to check your garage door’s important safety features. […]

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Best Practices for Repairing or Replacing Your Front Door

What to Know About Upgrading Your Front Door Believe it or not, the garage has become the new front door for more than half the homes across America. Many people have even admitted to no longer carrying a key to their front door anymore. If you’re one of those that no longer uses their front door like they used to, remember, it needs to be kept in good working order. Remember, it still plays an important role in your home’s security, energy efficiency and curb appeal. Do I Need a New Front Door? Knowing whether or not it is time […]

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Weather Stripping for Your Garage

Preparing Your Garage for Winter With Weather Stripping Many homeowners overlook preparing their garage doors for winter, but winterization is an important step on your to-do list with several benefits when the cold weather arrives. Aside from saving utility bills, you can protect your home from damage. Whether your garage door is newly installed or has been there for some time, a thorough inspection is needed to ensure full insulation and complete sealing from unwanted elements. Explore our guide to learn more about prepping your garage for winter. Does Your Garage Door Need Weather Stripping? Garage door weather stripping seals […]

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