Weather Stripping for Your Garage

Weather Stripping for Your Garage Is your garage ready for winter? We suggest adding the frequently overlooked garage door to your winter preparations. Being the largest opening in many homes, the garage can be a leading source of heat loss. Does your garage door need weather stripping? Equipping your garage door with weather stripping can lower your heating and cooling costs, prevent damage to the door and guard against unwanted moisture. Is the seal around your garage door beginning to break down, crack or sag? Not only should you check the weather stripping along the bottom of the garage door, […]

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DIY Spring Repair is a Risky Job

DIY Spring Repair is a Risky Job There are many reasons why garage door springs or cables may snap/break, including: Aging/repeated use Lack of maintenance Objects striking the door Items jammed in the tracks Aggressive lifting/closing actions If a garage door spring or cable has broken, the door is essentially out-of-service until the repair/replacement can be completed. Due to the inconvenience this situation can create, it stands to reason that it should be taken care of as soon as possible. At this point, homeowners think they can take the do-it-yourself approach here, as they would for many other projects around […]

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Properly Winterize Your Garage Door

Properly Winterize Your Garage Door Is your garage door ready for the quickly approaching winter season? It is important to remember that your garage door should be properly prepared for the colder weather to come. Winterizing your garage door only takes 30 minutes, but your comfort level will go up exponentially as a result. Here are some tips to get you started. Remote Battery Your garage door opener remote batteries are designed to only last one year. It is recommended that you keep a spare set of batteries on hand to avoid being forced out into the cold to manually […]

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